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Beauty Shouldn't Cost us the Earth

Apr 8, 2015

An interesting article about the effects that micro beads have on the environment.

Beauty Shouldn’t Cost us the Earth!


As reported on The One Show and media, the beauty industry is having an effect on the environment with regard to micro beads.


You may not be aware that micro beads are made of plastic, and are found in many brands of exfoliators, body scrubs and face scrubs.  The micro beads are usually so tiny they pass through any filtration system and find their way into our seas coating the ocean beds.


It has been investigated and reported that these plastic beads are forming a layer on the ocean floor with a similar consistency of a well-blended soup.  This is affecting the marine creatures, flora and fauna such as seabed filter feeders like lugworms and mussels and from there have made their way up the food chain to fish and birds.  This is affecting the whole eco-system.


We are pleased to say that at Beauty By Rebekah we use the Katherine Daniels Cosmetics range, which only use natural sea salts from around the world in their Gentle Body Exfoliator and AHA’s from red algae within the Gentle Exfoliating Gel, breaking down the dead skin cells to leave skin brighter and smoother.  We are proud that these products are micro bead FREE and are helping to look after the environment as well as our skin.


Flora and Fauna International’s marine plastics projects manager Tanya Cox says: “There is a mounting body of scientific evidence to confirm suspicions about the impacts of microplastics (and chemicals associated with them) on marine life. The evidence also raises real concerns about the transfer and accumulation of these toxicants up the food chain and the potential implications for human health” from Vitality Magazine


Be kind to the environment and yourself with Katherine Daniels Cosmetics.


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